Friday, October 03, 2008

its friday wooooo!

just a little something to make u laugh...

Monday, September 29, 2008

Current Economic Meltdown

Hi, I am back...I had to comment on all of this economic turmoil we are going through. I heard about this video from a NJ Congressman and it perfectly explains the entire thing...escpecially for those that have no clue of what is going on, not to mention it is extremely entertaining.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Not too Paranoid

I haven't blogged in sometime, over my paranoia of McCains pick for VP...I thought for sure, him being the most non-conservative nomination the Republicans could pick, he would pick some weirdo liberal for his VP nomination. BUT THANK HEAVENS!! He picked the MOST conservative person he could have found and the most normal YAY!!!! I am sure every one has heard by now he picked Governor Sarah Palin from Alaska. OH and the Obama/Biden Team could not be more upset, along with their cohorts the newsmedia, it is hysterical to watch them panic. I will be blogging more often hopefully but for now I will leave you some pics of the new VP nomination and hopefully future VP of the United States.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Bush was Right!

Found this song and video done by The Right Brothers, it is great!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Obama v. Obama

I found this YouTube compilation of some news clips, speeches and debate clips of Obama, during the early part of the campaign and also during his church controversy. It is pretty funny to hear him in his own words. Also the clips with Chris Matthews and the AFL-CIO representative is funny because the debate they show is so early on and its before the media professed there undying love of Obama. The Union guy hands it to Obama, so classic.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Primitive Fossil Found in Latvia

This is a story on a 365 million year old fossil found in Latvia.

"If you saw it from a distance, it would look like a small alligator, but if you look closer you would find a fin in the back," said lead author Per Ahlberg, a professor of evolutionary biology at Uppsala University in Sweden. "I imagine this is an animal that could haul itself over sand banks without any difficulty. Maybe it's poking around in semi-tidal creeks picking up fish that got stranded."

This all happened more than 100 million years before the first dinosaurs roamed Earth.


Fossil of most primitive 4-legged creature found - Yahoo! News

Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama is Smooth

He does speak brilliantly even though he really never says anything. When you do hear him speak off the cuff when his speeches aren't written for him, you will be begging for one of those funny speeches from our already unintelligible President Bush.

This is one of those great Obama speeches...

breathalizer, inhalator...what the heck is an inhalator!

Lincoln was a Republican

Maybe Obama should remember this when he is doing stump speeches from Lincoln's birthplace and also when he thinks the Republicans will use race to stoke fear in the upcoming election.

"It is going to be very difficult for Republicans to run on their stewardship of the economy or their outstanding foreign policy," Obama told a fundraiser in Jacksonville, Florida. "We know what kind of campaign they're going to run. They're going to try to make you afraid.

Apparently in Harvard Law School they failed to teach Obama about the history of America and the Republican Party. The Republican Party was founded primarily because the other partys, the Democrats and the Whigs refused to abolish slavery. Even when hundreds of thousands of people were dying and our country was almost completely in ruin, the Democrats refused to compromise because Lincoln would not let them keep their slaves. During the re-election of Abraham Lincoln, race was used to discredit the Republicans, you can see the racist election signs at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. Many are so racist I refuse to even repeat what many of them said. After the war was over more than 600000 people were killed, making it the most bloodiest war in United States history. I think Senator Obama might want to take an American History class at his local Community College or maybe pick up a book on Lincoln.

Below is the article...

Obama says Republicans will use race to stoke fear

Friday, May 02, 2008

The Laugh

I don't know if you have ever watched this lady on O'Reilly who is a body language expert, she is fantastic. I found the episode where they study the laugh of Hillary Clinton during her Mike Wallace interview. This is great, the only bad thing is they play the laugh over and over and it is the worst laugh ever, you might want to scratch your eyes out after hearing it LOL! You have been warned.. her glory!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Governor Rudy Giuliani?

The New York Post is reporting it first and I hope they are right...


Friday, March 14, 2008

'Creepy gnome' terrorising Argentinian town - video - World news - News - Belfast Telegraph

World news - News - Belfast Telegraph

California Paper makes a Funny

While the story itself is very sad and is about a poor car crash victim...the photo they published of him is hysterical...he is flashing quite the sign there! If you don't know what it is...its called the shocker!
The Definition of Shocker

The Original Article News

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Letterman's Top 10

Dave had pretty good Top Ten lists the past two nights, Check them out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Obama Wins Another One

I guess that this proves Americans want Change and Hope...I am not sure I want either, because I already have Desire and Will.

My Way News - Obama Coasts to Victory in Miss. Primary

Romney For Veep, My Prayers are Answered!

Well it isn't really official, but I think McCain would be smart to pick Romney, he came in 2nd in delegates, he is an economic genius, he knows more about Iran than McCain, Obama, & Hillary have in their little pinky's combined. Here is what my man Mitt said...

“I think any Republican leader in this country would be honored to be asked to serve as the vice presidential nominee, myself included," Romney told FOX's Sean Hannity in a broadcast set to air tonight. "Of course this is a nation which needs strong leadership. And if the nominee of our party asked you to serve with him, anybody would be honored to receive that call … and to accept it, of course.”

Hopefully McCain will listen to the folks that are telling him to pick the former Massachusetts read what the Politico has found out...

Romney says he'd take Veep, calls McCain "Big Dog" - Jonathan Martin's Blog -

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Hero Alert!

This 19 year old Medic, Army Spc. Monica Lin Brown saved the lives of her fellow soldiers, running into battle shielding them from fire to attend to their wounds. She will become the first woman in Afghanistan and the second female since WWII to recieve the third highest honor from the military, the Silver Star.

Woman Earns Silver Star in Afghan War --

Monday, March 03, 2008

Hillary has a Beer!

This is hysterical video, well it is kinda boring because its a Hillary press conference. Apparently its on a short flight she was taking and she (i think it was totally staged) has got a full cup of beer, she is trying to be perceived as being normal, I guarantee she made someone come get it from her once the camera was off. She took a sip during the video and it seemed like she really wanted everyone to notice that she had a beer LOL...the creepiest part of this video by far (which I didn't even notice til like a minute in) was creepy old Ted Danson and his lib wife standing behind the Hill. The wife it seems to be hanging on every word of nothing Hillary spews out of her mouth, almost pervertedly. Maybe it was Ted's idea for the beer, he was after all Sam the bartender!

Check Out the Video Here

CNN Hillary drinks a Beer!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hillary loses it on the campaign trail!

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama seemed very friendly in the debate last Thursday... but now Hillary has opened her claws and gos off on him.

Illegal gets into car crash, kills 4 children

Illegal alien van driver arrested in Minnesota schoolbus tragedy

The Cottonwood schoolchildren’s memorial fund

Authorities have confirmed that the the driver of the van that struck the school bus that killed 4 students on Tuesday is an illegal alien.

Officials at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement are checking to see where she came from and how long she’s been in Minnesota. FOX 9 has also learned that the name she gave to police, Alainiss Morales, is an alias.

23-year-old Alainiss N. Morales was taken into custody on suspicion of criminal vehicular operation. She was arrested by the State Patrol Thursday afternoon and is being held in Lyon County Jail. County Attorney Rick Maes told the Marshall Independent charges could come later Thursday or Friday…The van was driven by Alianiss N. Morales, 23, of Minneota. The Fox 9 Investigator found Morales pleaded guilty in Chippewa County in 2006 to driving without a valid license.

State Patrol officials said Thursday they were not immediately able to confirm if Morales was unlicensed, nor could they confirm whether Morales ran a stop sign. Lt. Mark Peterson said that was still under investigation, but that the investigation was “moving forward very quickly.”

The school bus was carrying 28 students. Cottonwood Fire Chief Dale Louluagie confirmed that 3 fatalities of the crash died immediately upon impact and the fourth victim died around 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I hate Florida!

After yesterday's election, I am starting to lose hope. If McCain wins the Republican nomination, I really don't even know if I am going to vote. This guy is a pitiful excuse for not only a politician but also as a conservative. I don't care if he was a war hero, so was Benedict Arnold and betrayed our country big time! He is against free speech and tax cuts. He is also for amnesty for illegal immigrants and supports taxes for global warming. He has no experience running anything, yet criticizes Mitt Romney saying he has no experience. Mitt Romney made Staples and Domino's Pizza into very successful businesses and he saved the Salt Lake City Olympics from completely having to shut down. Were the people of Florida are blinded by McCain's lies? He claimed Romney criticized the military and wanted to pull out of Iraq, which were horrendous lies. This guy is so arrogant he is pointing to his POW bracelet in his TIME magazine picture. He makes me sick...this is going to be a long week waiting for Super Duper Tuesday (or whatever the lame brain media is calling it). Hopefully Romney freaks him out during the debate tonite which is at 8pm...McCain has a horrible temper, it is almost fall of your funny to watch this guy get stirred up. I'll keep you posted!