Monday, March 03, 2008

Hillary has a Beer!

This is hysterical video, well it is kinda boring because its a Hillary press conference. Apparently its on a short flight she was taking and she (i think it was totally staged) has got a full cup of beer, she is trying to be perceived as being normal, I guarantee she made someone come get it from her once the camera was off. She took a sip during the video and it seemed like she really wanted everyone to notice that she had a beer LOL...the creepiest part of this video by far (which I didn't even notice til like a minute in) was creepy old Ted Danson and his lib wife standing behind the Hill. The wife it seems to be hanging on every word of nothing Hillary spews out of her mouth, almost pervertedly. Maybe it was Ted's idea for the beer, he was after all Sam the bartender!

Check Out the Video Here

CNN Hillary drinks a Beer!

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