Monday, June 19, 2006

Rally in Support for the Marines

If you haven't heard several of are Marines have been accused of war crimes, supposedly shooting people in cold blood on a revenge rampage. We actually bombed an area and some innocents did die, unfortunately. The story came from a Time magazine reporter, the same guy who had tea with the Taliban. This guy heard from Al Quada that our Marines did this...whats to say they didn't go in after we bombed and shot up a family and took the Democrats specifically, Jon Murtha, a Congressman/Ex military guy....he does not even give them the benefit of the doubt and believes these men are guilty without a trial. Well the American people are not listening to the politicians and they have gone to Camp Pendleton to show their support. Take a look...and if you would like to read more about the Marines and how they were illegally shackled, many without even being charged for a crime please go to Michael Savage's or Michelle Malkin's sites listed in my links section.


Monday, June 12, 2006


Sting and his "rainforest foundation" decided to hold a concert in one of Spain's National Parks. Not the best idea if you are having a concert to promote green spaces, concerts usually tend to wreck all things green. Well the environmentalists have come to the rescue and are protesting the concert which will be really hard to move already 9000 people are attending. Bummer.
BREITBART.COM - Ecologists oppose Sting's Spanish concert