Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Romney For Veep, My Prayers are Answered!

Well it isn't really official, but I think McCain would be smart to pick Romney, he came in 2nd in delegates, he is an economic genius, he knows more about Iran than McCain, Obama, & Hillary have in their little pinky's combined. Here is what my man Mitt said...

“I think any Republican leader in this country would be honored to be asked to serve as the vice presidential nominee, myself included," Romney told FOX's Sean Hannity in a broadcast set to air tonight. "Of course this is a nation which needs strong leadership. And if the nominee of our party asked you to serve with him, anybody would be honored to receive that call … and to accept it, of course.”

Hopefully McCain will listen to the folks that are telling him to pick the former Massachusetts Governor...here read what the Politico has found out...

Romney says he'd take Veep, calls McCain "Big Dog" - Jonathan Martin's Blog - Politico.com

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