Wednesday, January 30, 2008

I hate Florida!

After yesterday's election, I am starting to lose hope. If McCain wins the Republican nomination, I really don't even know if I am going to vote. This guy is a pitiful excuse for not only a politician but also as a conservative. I don't care if he was a war hero, so was Benedict Arnold and betrayed our country big time! He is against free speech and tax cuts. He is also for amnesty for illegal immigrants and supports taxes for global warming. He has no experience running anything, yet criticizes Mitt Romney saying he has no experience. Mitt Romney made Staples and Domino's Pizza into very successful businesses and he saved the Salt Lake City Olympics from completely having to shut down. Were the people of Florida are blinded by McCain's lies? He claimed Romney criticized the military and wanted to pull out of Iraq, which were horrendous lies. This guy is so arrogant he is pointing to his POW bracelet in his TIME magazine picture. He makes me sick...this is going to be a long week waiting for Super Duper Tuesday (or whatever the lame brain media is calling it). Hopefully Romney freaks him out during the debate tonite which is at 8pm...McCain has a horrible temper, it is almost fall of your funny to watch this guy get stirred up. I'll keep you posted!

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Anonymous said...

You are dumb as fuck. Go back to Alabama or wherever your redneck ass came from.