Friday, December 28, 2007

The World Will Make Us Pay

but before they do maybe I can educate some of you....

pics of air pollution in China...

City of Shanghai


The Great Wall


Hong Kong



and India...


but remember we are going to be the one's punished.

These global warming FREAKS and that is what I will call them, FREAKS, are out for our money. I love the Earth and who doesn't in America, we have a beautiful country. Unfortunately many countries are not as clean as us, At least pollution wise. I would say the environmental movement has been going on for almost 100 years at least in our country. The first notable conversationalist was Theodore Roosevelt, not only a New York Governor, but also the President of the United States. As President he conserved over 230,000,000 acres of land for park area in our great country. We as Americans have recycled since I was a little kid and have always been mindful of littering and taking care of the Earth. Al Gore and his Environmentalist WACKO friends want us to pay a tax to help the Earth...awww too bad the money just goes to other nations to buy stuff and not actually fix or help the environment. If you have been told this before let me tell you again...THIS IS SOCIALISM!!!! YES the same crap as Lenin and Castro, they want a wealth so they can redistribute it. The UN is trying to pass a Global Tax and it will affect you and your family even if you are so poor here in America you eat Ramen noodles and Mac & Cheese everynite (remember as Americans we are richest 10 percent in the World whether on welfare or not). These WACKOS are targeting the world's income producers and we, 'YES', we are the number one country to target. Yes, I know that we didn't sign the KYOTO treaty and this was supposed to make the world's temperature drop. Well the news is Clinton didn't sign that treaty because he knew it was B.S. and AL GORE didn't get brainwashed with this nonsense til he was out of a job and looking for some acting work. The countries that did sign KYOTO have not reached the goals of air pollution as stated by the treaty and the whole thing as proven bogus. By the way even Japan, the home of Kyoto the city, did not meet the stardards it set for itself. The way KYOTO works for example: is one country, say Germany, produces 6 carbon credits, they can buy 3 carbon credits from China if they help with the pollution there. The big SCAM is China builds like one coal plant a week so countries that need the carbon credits like Germany can get credits back tearing them down. China makes hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars to tear down the same plant they built a week ago (also they did not take part in KYOTO. This carbon credit system is now catching on, not only in the KYOTO treaty, even our food and other companies services have caught the carbon credit craze. Companies, including one Al Gore is working for, are selling carbon credits to corporations and individuals to redistribute wealth in other countries and individuals, not to CONSERVE or PROTECT the environment. This is Socialism and is becoming almost a new fanatical religion with these Wackos. Obviously the Earth is warming, but I believe it is the natural process of the Earth or even the Sun (the giant bright object that may warm the earth, I know it sounds far fetched) that are making these very minuscule changes to the Earth's temperature and there us nothing really to freak out about. Just to calm those that are out there that may fear global warming, it is not the climate change you should be worried about but your pocket change (oh AND sorry to remind you of this ...TERRORISM & RADICAL ISLAM)...and remember this in our next election. They will tax the you know what from our wallets and for what, so we can buy washing machines for someone in Uganda or maybe a new Airport runway in Myanmar. I heard some of the money may go to new highways...sounds helpful NOT!!!

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