Thursday, April 21, 2005


Print Story: Schwarzenegger Sorry for Border Comment on Yahoo! News

Can you say looooooooooser! I think every aide he had went out on damage control on this one. People can be total morons! Our border is already supposedly closed to immigrants, liberals obviously are not clear on this point! Securing the border is soooo important, Arnold better stick to his guns on this one...The idiot democrat in the article Sen. Cedillo, says closing the border is a draconian measure....HEY Senator...grow a brain! Our borders are open to people who would like to visit and spend money here...not for people to come here illegally and get free healthcare, college and driver's licenses, oh and commit felonious crimes. He goes on to say how dependent California is on the immigrant workforce (key word "immigrant"). Illegal immigration is the reason why California is in so much financial turmoil....If Senator Cedillo wants immigration(since it is NOT ALLOWED), perhaps he should take a trip to DC and talk to a wierdo judge, maybe they could come up with a new law or change the constitution for him.

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