Monday, April 11, 2005

DC area govt. Screws up in spending Defense money.

This article displays the utter incompetence of the government, both federal and local. Politicians want to spend our money on all sorts unneeded programs and when it comes down to the protection of our country they suddenly can't figure out what to do with the funds.


shounuck said...
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shounuck said...

Hi Janna! Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! Nice start with everything. Know that you have friends amongst bloggers now.

Also, I am a fan of your dad's! Thanks for letting me know his website. I love to draw and comics have been a very big influence.

And thanks for the comment on my site! I didn't realize anyone out there even read it! In any case, make sure you visit my site again. I am going to start posting my artwork on it soon so look out for it!

Anyways, good luck with everything and have fun with your blog!