Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Schwarzenegger talks tough on illegal immigration - Schwarzenegger talks tough on illegal immigration

Finally, someone speaks up, someone who people actually like and have heard of. Millions of illegals coming right over the border everyday. I heard today that over 80% of warrants for dangerous felons are for illegals. Cops can't even arrest these guys if they see them, unless they are actually committing a crime. Only Immigration can arrest them to have them thrown out of the country, cops don't have jurisdiction. Everyone in Washington is ignoring the whole problem, we have all sorts of new technologies, drones and robots. We probably even have force fields, what about those laser security systems they have in the movies. Remember that Catherine Zeta-Jones and Sean Connery movie...Entrapment. He tests her in that huge room with a million lasers and she just flys right thru it. Lets see people trying to come illegally over the border go through a laser field like that one. They should also have a live cable feed like Cspan (but way more interesting) so we could watch people try to sneak through it. There could be a toll free number to call if you see something...people would be totally into it. Thank god for the people who organized th minuteman project... I would like to thank them for being Great Americans.

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