Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The jungle is wonderful this time of year!

The jungle is hot and you sweat, but it was so beautiful it was worth it. We ate lunch in Lamanai, it was delicious there was chicken, salads, salsas, beans. They had park pavillions and a museum to walk around and a few small shops. You cannot see the pyramids in this area but they are a short walk into deep jungle. Surprisingly saw no bugs just monkeys and a toucan. The Jesus Christ Lizard or the basilisk made an appearance, he was too quick to get on camera.
Here is one of an adult and a baby monkey...

Here is the national flower the Black Orchid...I know its purple and yellow but this is what they call it.

These monkeys were quiet when we were near them but we heard some from the top of the N10-43(the pyramid we could climb), it sounded like either a tyrannosaurus rex roaring or a hundred king kongs.

Here is the national bird, the keel-billed toucan it was huge...

Here is the was surreal. It is 108 feet high and a steep climb, most everyone made the climb young and old.

Climbing up, going up was much easier than going down the stairs were very narrow so you had to side step.

The view was spectacular you see over all the trees to the literally gave me goosebumps.

Climbing down...can u see the teeny people on the ground?


RightWingRocker said...

Janna -

Loved the pics from the jungle!

Here's a great picture to go with the witch pic of Hitlery you've got on the sidebar.

You're always welcome over at my blog, as we Reagan conservatives must stick together!


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