Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Day 6 in Paradise

Hello, we are still here having fun and relaxing...went to the Mayan ruins, Lamanai yesterday it was hot but fantastic. Here are some pics from our journey.
It is about an 1 hour and a half to the mainland by boat, we left at 7am, we ate breakfast on the river. We had fresh fruits and journeycakes (johnnycakes) some with ham and cheese and some with four-legged chicken (iguana) (it was really chicken, I think they were just trying to freak people out). The boat ride was fast and very the river was full of twist and turns.

We then made our way to Bomba village a very small place with no power or running water. There were also no schools or churches there, but they did have a giant central american rat and very clean batrooms surprisingly.

Giant Rat, a woman thought it was a rabbit believe it or was bigger than Cosmo. By the way, this was not a pet, but DINNER!

The restrooms...not quite the Four Seasons...

After our bathroom stop in Bomba we all packed in a school bus, the guide had told us this bus ride was going to be remniscent of Romancing the Stone, but fortunately it was just very bumpy and there were no goats or chickens on board. The bus trip was about another a hour and half in "Belizean" minutes (as our guides called them).

On the bus trip we saw the sugar cane fields, very skinny cows and we also played chicken with oncoming traffic, the bus always wins by the way.

Once we got off the bus, we got on another boat that would take us to Lamanai. We saw crocodiles, bats, termite nests, all sorts of birds and Mennonites (which are kinda like the Amish), but more colorful, they waved and gave us weird stares...we all felt guilty about taking their pics but they are most likely used to it with all the tourism...apparently they moved to Belize in the 1950's from Germany.

The mennonites on their wagon...

more to come later...

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