Thursday, February 08, 2007

Michael Savage for President

I am not sure if he could win, but he really could give this country a makeover! He has been pondering running for the GOP nomination. I found this article in the Canadian Free Press and here is little of it:

"President Michael Savage in the Oval Office would be a blessing to America, and would be a positive answer to millions of conservative prayers.
In fact, a Savage presidency may the only hope for saving America from liberal nitwits like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, not to mention RINOs(Rebublicans In Name Only) and our "conservative" president.
Dr. Savage believes in American "borders, language, and culture." He would fight to secure our borders, make English use mandatory, and he would strive to preserve the rich American heritage."

"Savage is the conservative's conservative--a man who would make Ronald Reagan and Goldwater beam with pride."

"How does Dr. Michael Savage, President of the United States, sound?"

for the whole story click on link below...

America Urgently Needs President Michael Savage in 2008!

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