Monday, February 12, 2007

Democrats Use Politics to Undermine War Effort

The Democrats are very out spoken about being against the war and wanting to get out. The funny thing is they can do it, they hold the power to pull the troops out. Instead they play politics with our soldiers lives, looking like they are siding with our enemy. They are using Senate and House resolutions to make a political statement but are too afraid to actually take action and pull the troops out. Wusses! In fact, one Democrat did create a resolution to stop the war at once and noone even showed up to meet with him about it. Hmmm....If it were a Democrat President in the White House it would be a consolidated fight to win the war but all the Democrats want to do is... Destroy Bush. Why are they so obsessed? Take a look at this video it shows the Dems and how convinced they were that Saddam was a huge threat and how important it was to go into Iraq to remove him from power. They insist Bush just is not true, the intelligence about Saddam spanned decades and everyone in the world thought he was a threat! I vote not to surrender to our enemies, but thats just me.

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