Friday, September 15, 2006

The Democrats ignoring the REAL enemy

This cartoon pretty much explains it all...but if you are not aware...the democrats have been out trying to get these terrorist enemy combatants the same rights as United States Citizens...they are not POW's, they do not wear uniforms or belong to a specific country's army...they have no rights under the Geneva Convention. But we as Americans are still compassionate and the Bush admin. has put out there for the Congress to come up with actual rules, so the people out in the field have no fear of breaking international law and being tried in international courts. The democrats are stalling, they have taken away the ability for us to spy on the terrorists and want them treated like common criminals. They want to negotiate with people who want to cut our heads off. They have no war plan and all the do is blame Bush and attack Republicans. They say this is patriotism, criticizing the administration...not last time I checked, they should be fighting for our country no matter what the cost or who we may "offend". Their plan is to put the control of the war in the hands of the courts. This is completely a violation of the Constitution, they don't call the President the Commander in Chief for nothing...and right now our enemies are watching CNN and laughing.

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