Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Democrats fail again

The Media and democrats have been out for Karl Rove's(presidential advisor) head. They thought someone in the Bush administration leaked a CIA agents name on purpose. Of course the whole case was a sham. The real leaker stepped forward after two years of lying...he actually said he told the prosecutors that it was him right when the case started and they told him to be quiet about it. So it seems they wanted to try to ruin the Bush team even though they knew it was Richard Armitage all along. The reason for them not caring about Armitage leaking the info is because he is a democrat himself and they wanted to ruin republican leadership. The columnist, Bob Novak, that wrote the original article leaking the name of the columnists name writes a great article, now that he is free to write about what really happened. (Remember reporters cannot reveal their sources) Because of Richard Armitage and this special 'so called' prosecution team, it has cost the American people tons of money, sent people to prison unnecessarily, and has indicted people that would have not have been without an investigation in the first place. The news media after railing after the Bush Admin., now just gives Armitage the Big fat pass... Read Novak's article it is great.
Novak: Real story behind Armitage's role

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