Friday, January 20, 2006

I hate 2006 already

I found this political cartoon that pretty much will sum up this year...
"Politically Correct" Cartoons - January 1, 2006 - on preview of 2006

Hillary Clinton has been annoyance all this week. First with her comments about the House of Representatives, saying that it is 'run like a plantation, you know what I mean?' (this is the point of the speech where whe loses her memory that she is a rich white lawyer), for those not aware she gave this speech I believe at a church in Harlem. Democrats love going to church during election year, it is in all of their playbooks and the rest of the time they attack religion. She also said that this administration was going to be looked at as the worse in the history books. Bush freed 80 million people, Clinton sold our nuke secrets to China...hmmmm....did someone say impeachment, loss of law license...I am not so sure about history books but my Public Management book actually has this write up about Hillary's big plan for Healthcare reform, which apparently is one of THE BIGGEST public administration debacles there was. It is actually laugh out loud funny reading about the failure of her socialist reform plan in this book, I will have to find it and scan it itno the blog...Then yesterday she makes some dumb comment saying this administration is outsourcing diplomacy, HAS SHE LOST HER MIND???? If you don't know what this means, she is saying that the UN is dealing with it which, I will remind you the democrats were up Bush's butt, about not following what the UN said for the Iraq war. Before we invaded Iraq, the UN tried 17 different resolutions and Saddam never what were we supposed to do..Bush invades and he is called a cowboy and that our army was weak and we would never win against the Iraqi army. The US troops went in there and kicked arse and the rest is history. Hillary playing lefto wacko militant Monday and now is Pat Buchanan(a really conservative guy)on Wednesday, saying screw Europe and our allies, we should handle Iran on our own. I like that she is creating great attack ad materials, but if I have to hear more of her weirdo lies on the news everdyday I may need to carry around some duct tape. (in case my head explodes);-)lol

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DB said...

You seem to be living in a world that exists only inside of your head. How is it that we are, "kicking arse" in Iraq? Maybe you are not aware that we are still in Iraq with over 130,000 troops. Or maybe you are unaware that about 30,000 civilians have been killed since the start of the war. Even if the U.S. is to walk out of Iraq with some form of limited stability many lives have been lost. Maybe you should consider some caution in your claim to kicking arse. As for the Clinton impeachment he was impeached for lying during a grand jury testimony concerning his private life. G.W. has lied to the public numerous times and I don't hear any calls for impeachment. His last brilliant action of using the NSA to spy on Americans is an impeachable action. There are specific laws set up so presidents can use techniques like this in a legal manner. Maybe you should stop worrying about Democrats who are going to church during election season and start worrying about Republicans who think of themselves as god.