Thursday, January 12, 2006


I have heard on talk shows people complaining about his "new" sport, where they keep no score in order not to hurt kids feelings, which will turn generations of kids into wimpy balls of mush. I have never heard of such liberal madness, BUT what do I read in our Advertiser this weekend...

"Funball registration for the 2006 season is underway. A recreational baseball league for boys and girls from kindergarten through sixth grade, FunBall is dedicated
to EVERY player having fun. FunBall uses slow-pitch baseball (and tee for younger players) which increases the likelyhood of a player putting the ball into play quicky (no strikeouts or walks - you bat until you hit!), reducing anxiety, pressure, and fear of failure or being struck by a pitch. More hits mean more base runners and more field action. The game moves along, making it more enjoyable for batters, fielders, coaches and spectators.
There are no trophies, all-stars, league standings, or umpires. Everyone bats and players rotate field positions each inning. Players are grouped by grade rather than age (all attempts are made to place to friends on the same team)and players may come from as far away as parents are willing to travel. By removing most incentives for winning, it is intended that greater emphasis can be placed on having fun, good sportmanship, fair play, and learning the game. It is important to help our kids realize that winning and having fun are not related. NO ONE should ever leave a ball field feeling worse than when he or she arrived. "

Richie thought I was making it up until I let him read it. I swear these people organizing it are probably the same ones advocating the purple pen policy at schools, instead of using red to make corrections because children can be stressed out from the red marks. Well anyway, this article (located inthe sports section of the Advertiser Jan 6 edition) made for some great Saturday morning chuckles.

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