Monday, August 02, 2010

I met Gary

This guy appears to be the real deal...he wants to get stuff done...he says does not want to be a politician but as a member of the Long Island 9/12 project he felt he had to run against Chuck Schumer. He knows that the Progressives are trying to create a socialist state and he wants to prevent this. He wants cuts in everything even the military and thats coming from a veteran. He only will do one term if that s what it takes. With the support of the Tea Party and 9/12 Gary got the delegates needed at the Gop Convention on the second vote...only because of the number of Tea Party people there to support him...He was not the "chosen one" of the NYGOP ...he is the chosen one of the great conservatives down in Long Island that know this please go see what he is all about and tell your friends and family...Dump Chuck and vote Gary!

Gary Bernsten for NYS Senator

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