Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Unions screwing their members

These close door meetings drive me crazy. The president wants to bankrupt my family by imposing harsh taxes on my healthcare. Instead of taking pay raises we opted for better benefits. A guy in my union DIED during a strike fighting for these benefits. Now the unions, I believe are turning their backs on their members. They would be lobbying like crazy if they were serious. Where are the commercials saying stop the madness, call you Congressperson to stop the tax on our benefits. All of them are silent. Will they trade my family's wellbeing for Cardcheck? Cardcheck is just a sneaky way to organize labor in every company on the planet. Maybe a deal for socialized pensions? Whatever it is I think I have a huge bullseye on my back. Hey middle class worker, kiss your dreams goodbye! Obamas here to change your life and suck the hope right out of it.

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