Thursday, July 19, 2007

Is Al Gore a Vegetarian?

I think not! I am a believer of global warming but humans are not a major contributor to the problem...I don't what it could be but I am thinking number one culprit ...maybe the giant yellow thing that warms the planet...I dunno. I don't think these yahoos can predict that the earth will warm until we are all drowning in the next fifty years when meteorologists have a hard time even predicting the weather a week away. Global Warming is just another way for the government to tax us, it is the new socialism and a religion to these nutjobs!
Well anywho...I just love this article about meat eaters being even a bigger contibutor to global warming than car emissions...enjoy!

Eating beef ' is less green than driving' - Telegraph

and for an extra treat..Dennis Miller's take on Global Warming (by the way he is what we call a REAL democrat not one of these socialist weiners that call them self democrats)

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