Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why August 22nd?

The President of Iran(who gets his orders from the religious leaders, the Mullahs) has told the UN and the world that they need to wait until August 22nd to make a decision on whether to allow Iran to pursue nuclear technology. Why august 22nd, some have theories that they want to wait until there is a humanitarian crisis in the Middle East, which they can blame Israel for. In turn they will have to be able to get a nuclear weapon to defend the Arab world against the Israelis. Others think that they are close to developing a weapon and this is the day that they will use it. These are all probable scenarios, but the most disturbing scenario is presented by the world's leading expert in Arab and Muslim studies, Bernard Lewis. This article is a must read, it may not be true, but it is what the radical element of the Muslim religion believe and the most likely reason, the president of Iran chose the date August 22nd.

WorldNetDaily: Iranian cataclysm forecast Aug. 22

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