Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel Against the Islamic World

I really have had a really hard time with this situation. When the Israeli soldier was first kidnapped I knew it was going to turn into a very serious situation. Now that this war has begun, I really think there is no turning back now. There can be no peace accord, Israel has to stop these people, they are terrorists just like Al-Queda and they have the exact same mission, wiping the Jews off the face of the planet and after they are done doing that or perhaps at the same time killing ALL non-Muslims. So noone is really safe but if Israel does decide to negotiate it will make these butchers think they can really walk all over the UN and the world (which by the way they have been doing for at least the past 15 years now) Hezbollah must be stopped and taught a lesson. Its like Sean Hannity put it the other day What Would Reagan Do?...He would kick butt, I know that for sure, and scare the pants off of these dudes!
Unfortunately this may be the beginning of a huge war between many Middle Eastern countries with Iran being the big daddy!
The leader of Iran is a psycho, to put this into perspective, this guy has actually said his mission is to destroy the Jews and Israel. Even Hitler in his wacko writings and ramblings, never said this kind of stuff, he was more nonchalant about it at least, hiding the giant ovens from the outside world for as long as he could. So in other words, be afraid of the president of Iran, he is not a good guy!
Be prepared for a big war and super high gas prices, just remember war sucks but its is better to fight the whole thing over there than here in our backyards.
Report: Israel gives Syria ultimatum - News from Israel, Ynetnews

History of Israel
I know a lot of people don't even know what is going on or even where Israel is or why they are so hated. I have also posted the History of the Middle East, so please watch it, and it will educate you a little.

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