Friday, April 21, 2006

Did the Dems send out some memo to the press?

This morning I awoke to hear that people in the Capital District had been flocking to the Pawn shop in downtown Troy to sell stuff for gas. The reporter even interviewed the owner and he had said he felt horrible for people that had to sell their personal things for gas. I found this unbelievable and then I heard the same story from Rush Limbaugh show today but it was in Madison, Wisconsin. Then I get home and find out that Texans are also being affected by the gas crunch. Are you kidding me, it has been one week since the prices have been going up. I knew this was a bunch of mallarky as soon as I heard it. The democrats probably put a memo out advising the media to show how the gas prices are making people miserable and broke. Blah blah blah...evil bush administration, blah blah blah..the mainstream news is so transparent it is ridiculous, maybe some day they will find a real story. - Texans Going To Pawn Shops To Get Extra Gas $$

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