Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Did the UN kill Slobodan?

This doctor in London thinks someone killed him. Milosovic was on trial for so called war crimes, this guy was a socialist ruler and not a great guy but I think his people were the ones being killed by the Albanian Muslims invading and killing the Serbs. He was responsible for getting his nation back on its feet to fight the Islamofascists. These terrorists were hunting down the Serbs like the Nazis did to the Jews and continue to do this and burn their churches down to the ground. The Clinton administration took a strange stance on this war spinning it the opposite way, calling Milosevic "the new Hitler" when Milosevic finally declared war on these Islamic Fundamentalists that were taking over, they said he was commiting mass genocide by killing the Muslims. The Serbs had always been our allies and they had helped our GI's back in WWII and helped many Jews escape Nazi persecution. The UN made the Serbians lives miserable with blockades and bombings. I say be mad cause he was socialist oppressor, but he was defending his people from the same terror that we may face someday. Back then noone wanted to admit their was a growing Islamo-fundamentalist movement...they mad movies like Wag the Dog to distract. Spin was in, back in the Clintonian era. Now on the news today they are saying the leader killed himself, maybe I am paranoid but I believe the UN was getting rid of a bad memory by eliminating the so called "Butcher of the Balkans". Don't let the media brainwash you!

A cunning way to kill a man that needs no expertise

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