Saturday, November 19, 2005

House democrats wuss out!

I watched this circus of congressmen on Cspan yesterday and the house democrats were demending the pull out of troops and were saying that this is what the American people want...I don't really know who they are talking to, I have never heard anyone say the war is a failure except these morons...but they ended up voting on the resolution later and the vote to pull out of Iraq was 403-3, it is funny how they feel so strong about their ideas but when it comes down to it they all chickened out...the house democrats have certainly showed how their strong leadership works.
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Ken said...

The Democrat platform since 2003 amounts to "Bush is wrong". They'll even sacrifice allies, and democracy itself, to promote this "ideology".
And if W ever agrees with them on something, they will:
1. Take all the credit "Bush finally came around" but too little and too late of course, or
2. Oops, we never took that position, or we were wrong then and must oppose him now on the BIW principle.