Friday, September 02, 2005

Companies that do not buy their oil from Persian Gulf

This is the official government report from for this past year...Sunoco is the only one really around our area that buys 0 from the gulf...Citgo buys very little. An oil expert on the Glenn Beck Program said the Saudi's are diverting many profits to fund the insurgency in Iraq...The Saudi government actually had donation tax write off for funding terrorism, now they had to stop that and are rerouting the funds through charging more for crude, the excuse I have heard for them raising the price, they said they were worried about economic loss because we are looking for alternative energy sources... what a bunch of crap.
Not buying from the companies that do purchase from the Persian Gulf, sends a message to the oil companies ...not to buy from these nations. See for yourself... Crude Oil Imports From Persian Gulf 2005

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